Lauren & Riley

Trisha & Matthew

Becky & John

“Well done … thank you so much Andy. It was awesome - you did a fabulous job.” Jim

“Thanks for all the dance pointers.” Isto

“Andy and Maureen are excellent instructors for dancers of any level of experience. The lessons are always geared to the level of the students, taught at a pace that all students can cope with, and include plenty of personal coaching. The cost is very reasonable considering the quality of instruction. I highly recommend Corta Jaca Dance to any student of Ballroom dance.” Chris & Dorothy

“My husband and I used this service for dance instruction for our wedding dance. Andy was incredible. He choreographed our entire dance and broke it down into easy to remember steps but still elegant and beautiful. The services are very affordable and definitely worth the investment.” Lauren & Riley

“Our wedding day was wonderful and the party was super fun! We thank you and appreciate your patience with us. We truly enjoyed learning proper dance steps and it will be very handy in the future.” Garry & Janette

“Thank you so much for teaching us to dance. I know it was no easy task and we appreciate your patience. Thank you also for providing awesome music for our wedding!” Megan & Ken

“We can't recommend Andy more for DJ and dance instructor! He is an absolute professional, is kind, fun, and was genuinely excited about our wedding! We loved our time learning our first dance cha-cha with Andy and the reception party was awesome. Thanks Andy!” Sam & Geoff

“Thanks so much for the lessons Andy. The wedding dance went very well, everyone complimented on how amazing it was. Thanks again for all your help.” Lee

“Our first wedding dance turned out to be the most memorable part of the reception thanks to our excellent instructor. Andy knows the nuances of the movements very well and brought out the best of us through our Rumba, the dance of love. We were so happy with our dance that we performed it to an audience in Toledo, Spain.Thank you so much Andy and Maureen.” Trisha & Matthew

“5 Stars!! My husband and I decided we wanted to do some dance lessons before our wedding both for our first dance, and some more general knowledge so we could dance together comfortably all night long. Neither of us had any experience dancing as a couple and Andy was able to both choreograph and teach us in a few short weeks so we could confidently enjoy performing our first dance on the day! He taught us the basics as well as a few variations and combinations for Rumba, Cha-Cha, Foxtrot and Swing that gave us the tools to dance to most songs. He was fantastic at breaking it down and teaching us to our level. We had so much fun at our lessons and soon came to enjoy them as a date night each week leading up to our big day! Andy was fantastic at explaining the steps and the timing, as well as answering any questions we had. He also brought to our attention obstacles we may not have considered like working around my dress, the size of our venue's dance floor, practicing with our photographer beforehand to get the perfect shot. We had so much fun all night long dancing together which is a gift that Andy was able to give us and we are very grateful! Would highly recommend his services, 10/10 would do again!Becky & John

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"While I dance, I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful & whole. That is why I dance."