We care about your health and safety - it is important to us. If you have any issue, either physical or emotional, which may affect your dancing or your ability to learn in any way, please make us aware so we can give you due allowance, consideration or extra support. If you have difficulty with balance, or with a particular movement, ask us to help you. If you feel the need to repeat a step or figure, let us know. If you don't understand something, ask for clarification. We aim to give everyone in class the assistance they need to facilitate the learning process and develop their dancing. If you need particular attention, please do not hesitate to ask.

We are there for you.


Dancing is a physical activity and is not without its risks. It is a condition of attendance, in class or other lessons, that all participants complete and sign a waiver, as you would when engaging in any sport. This includes full contact information, used for the purpose of contact tracing if required by the health authority. We may also use this information to inform you of changes in class times, cancellation or postponement, and to inform you of related dance activities in the the area. This information is securely held, and will never be disclosed to any third party without your express permission, unless we are legally obliged to do so by an authorised body.


The COVID-19 pandemic, influenza, and other related diseases are challenging for all in the community. Everyone is expected to play a role to protect each other and help prevent spread of infection. It is a condition of attendance that all class participants follow and adhere to the following protocols which are currently in place. These will be reviewed frequently and may be amended at any time without notice.


• Anyone who is sick, has a cough, fever, cold or flu, or who is showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19, must not attend.


• Single persons are welcome to participate, but they must either learn and practise by themselves, or pair up with one single partner for the duration of the class by mutual agreement.


• Masks are optional for the duration of each class.


• Hand washing before and after each class is advised.


• Use of hand sanitizer is highly recommended.


• Each class will be capped at a maximum number of persons. Therefore, pre-booking of attendance will be required.

   If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know.

Health & safety in class

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